Remember this principle:

When you create something good, you get credited for it. When the artist paints a masterpiece, he/she gets the credit for it, but the artist can only ever reproduce what God has somewhere created.

Now the truth is this; God is the creator par excellence. If God is the creator supreme he should receive the praise and the credit for what he has done Psalm 19:1. When you have created something, it does not look up at you and say "you have failed" or give credit elsewhere. Neither should we. We have been created by him, and should therefore worship him and praise him and magnify him.

It is not that God deserves the praise; yes he is worthy of the praise, but praises literally belong to him!

When we choose not to praise God, we are withholding what belongs to him

(Psalm 89:5-8; Psalm 145:3).

He is not just worthy of the glory, he owns the glory.


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