Satan wants to usurp the praise, which belongs to God Isa.14: 12-17.

Satan is described as the father of lies John 8:44 "…When he lies, he speaks of his native language, for he is a liar, and the father of lies. " And he is lying to humanity today. He wants to deceive us so that we do not give God what he owns.

Here are some scenarios that halt true praise:

· We cannot praise because we have pressing things on our minds

· We feel depressed, distressed, down cast

· We feel weak, tired and drained

· Wondering thoughts prevent us from concentrating

· Somehow Satan convinces us to not fully commit ourselves to the Lord and so miss out on the truth and that truth encapsulates our freedom.

· We assume that it can only happen on our chosen day of worship

· Note down some other lies that hinder us giving to God the praise that he owns

I believe that when we do not acknowledge the truth that God is worthy and do not practice praise and when we hold back, we allow that glory to go to the Devil.

How? The absolute truth is that God is creator and praise belongs to him. If we do not give it to him (knowing Satan's job is to hinder it) in so doing we are re-directing it elsewhere.

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